Activities & Things to Do

Bamboo River Rafting in Wuyi Mountain along the Nine Bend River Stream.  Sit in the bamboo raft and relax as an experienced rafter and guide takes you down the river.  As you gently flow down the river take in the peace, serenity, and majesty of Wuyi Mountain as it envelopes you with its many massive peaks and bends.

Enjoy the Da Hong Pao Opera.  Breathtaking and jaw dropping.  You’ve never seen a production like this where the river and mountains form the stage.  And the audience seating rotates 360 degrees around the sets.  The opera tells the beautiful story of Wuyishan and Da Hong Pao tea.

Downtown Wuyishan.  Walk, browse and shop amongst the many, many local shops. You’ll be sure to be invited in for tea.

Drink Tea Master’s Tea from the Mountain.  Delight in the flavors and experience of drinking Wuyi rock tea.  And spend good times around the tea table!

Meditation at the onsite Buddhist Temple Room.  Learn to meditate, guided by Dr. Ming Wu.

Scenic Walk up Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao Scenic Area is famous for Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Tea Trees in rocks. You can walk up the mountain, see the original six famous tea trees, and spend time at the area’s Temples.

Scenic Hike up the  Mountain Waterfall  Hike up the mountain surrounded by the beautiful floral.  Be mesmerized by the waterfall as it guides you to the top.  You become a part of the mountain and the fall, as you are so close you could jump in if it were allowed.  Rest and stop at fruit stands as you make your way.